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If you’re running a business, likely you’re using photos somewhere-on your webpage, your social media platforms, your digital products or marketing. Did you know you need a commercial license when using stock photos for your business? Or that taking a photo from Google can land you in legal hot water (i.e. fines and/or lawsuits). Avoid potential copyright infringement issues with this guide, which vets free and paid stock photo sites, and tells you what you need to know regarding license requirements for using stock photos in your business.

Instagram Best Practices

Did you know that sharing a photo or piece of content you didn’t create is copyright infringement? Even if you use a repost app? And even if you tag the creator? Instagram presents an interesting situation where most of the time, people are happy to have their content shared, but it’s still technically copyright infringement if you don’t have permission, so it’s important to be aware of Instagram best practices, especially if you’re using your Instagram account for business. Check out this infographic for more. 

5 Things To Consider Before Filing For Trademark Protection

Thinking about trademark protection for your company name or brand? Check out this list of 5 things to consider before filing your trademark application, including specific searches you should perform to increase the likelihood of application approval. This list was specifically created for US trademark applicants, but the concepts are similar worldwide.

Is Your Webpage Compliant?

Do you know what legal policies your webpage needs to be compliant with all laws and regulations? (you can purchase them here 😉 ). If your website collects personal information-even names and email addresses via a contact form count as personal information-you need a privacy policy or you are most likely violating the law. Check out this guide for more on privacy policies and the other legal policies your webpage needs.

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